Schiber Trucking Company
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Fully Equipped Fleet

Schiber Truck Company is fully equipped with a fleet of specialized equipment which meets or exceed DOT specifications. A preventive maintenance program and demanding service standards ensure that all equipment is safe, reliable and operable at all times.

The Fleet includes:

  • Aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and composite tank trailers

  • DOT MC-406/306, MC-407/307, MC-412/312 Exempt and Non-Coded trailers

  • Vacuum tank trailers

  • Agitated tank trailers

  • Van trailers with secondary containment

  • Molten sulfur trailers

  • Specialized tank trailers

  • Liftgate van trailers with secondary containment

  • Insulated tank trailers

  • Steam jacketed trailers

  • End dump trailers